Solving an Australian Housing Problem

In order to resolve any housing problems that there may be in Australia, the government has started to encourage the building of granny flats by home owners. Before this government initiative, it was up to the individual states and the relevant local authorities to mandate on whether a granny house could be built on a person’s land or not. Although the government regulations are still subject to local agreement, the state authorities have been encouraged to leave the mandates unchanged and, for the most part they are. This means that the same regulations regarding the building of granny flats has for the first time, become the same nationwide. However, due to slight deviations from city to city, if you are looking for granny flats sydney solutions, you are best served by looking at a web site that specifically dictates the Sydney area requirements as, at the end of the day, it is the Sydney authority which will have to authorize the building of your granny flat.

So, subject to these minor differences which may be implemented by city or other local authorities, the regulations governing the building of a granny house are; first the granny house must be going to be put in the same name as that of the property owner on which it is built. Second, the property on which it is to be built is residential. Thirdly, the property on which it is to be built is at least 450 square metres in size. Next the granny flat must meet government requirements which means; it must not be bigger than either the primary house on the land on which it is being built nor, larger than 50 square metres. The granny flat must be self-contained which will usually mean that it has its own bathroom and kitchen as well as at least one bedroom and a living area. The granny flat must also have its own personal entrance and its own pathway. If the person building the granny house wishes for it to have either a patio or a veranda, they can take up an additional 12 square metres on top of the 60 square metres allowed for the flat itself.

Although the granny house can be built as an addition onto an existing house, the owners should realize that as the granny flat can be rented out, they may not know who their tenants may be. However, some people who intend to rent out the granny flat to friends or family are building them as attachments to their houses but are careful to ensure that the flat still has its own entrance, separate from having to go into the main house.

How this is possibly helping any housing problems that may have been arising is, not everybody could afford their own home and there had been no incentives for people to build houses to rent.

This though, not only ensures there are houses available for rent but, also gives home owners an added income plus a secure and self-contained flat for their later years should they need it.

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