Make a home in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located in the middle of the Mojave Dessert in Nevada, USA. This though did not stop people building a town there in 1906 and that town, by 1911, had already become a city and today stands recognised as being the most populace city founded in the 1900s, a recognition shared with Chicago for being the most populated city founded in the 1800s. Although today the city can boast over 2 million residents, it is perhaps best known as a vacation destination. Having earned the nickname Sin City because of its tolerance for adult entertainment, Las Vegas has become one of the top destination cities in the world and continues to grow in popularity and attracting the attention of movie makers and music producers. There is perhaps a side to Las Vegas which isn’t so well known and that is that some of the communities surrounding Las Vegas have been acknowledged as being some of the best places to live in the United States. A large area in the Las Vegas Valley, in the mountains that surround the valley and close to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is known as Summerlin and this contains a number of communities that can enjoy views of both the mountains and the city. The various communities all have homes that have been specifically designed with family living in mind and although some of these residences may be valued in the millions of dollar range, some are as cheap as $200,000. All the homes though, have luxury and relaxation as their main features. The area is host to over 150 miles of trails that connect to a further 2000 miles of trails making them perhaps the most extensive trail system in the Southwest. When you buy las vegas luxury properties in this area though, you do not just get luxury, relaxation and trails to explore, most of the community homes have their own pools and all of the communities have their own recreational facilities including shops, restaurants, basketball courts, children’s centres, churches and more, making them perhaps ideal locations for people to live. Of course though, one of the main attractions of these communities is that they are between 3 and 17 miles from the Las Vegas Strip so all the entertainment and excitement that has to offer, is easily accessible. What may be of particular interest to many potential home buyers is the fact that many of these communities can boast their own golf courses, an asset appreciated by many of the residents. These communities are still growing in size but there are many homes available to buy at any one time and all of them provide a residence which is able to afford privacy in areas which have gates at their entrances which are manned 24 hours a day. It isn’t many places in the country where relaxation, luxury, privacy can be enjoyed so close to the action and entertainment that Las Vegas can offer.

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