Finding a good Realtor

In Canada if you are part of the national association of realtors you are allowed to be called a Realtor. If not, the person is simply called a licensee. So, how to find the correct realtor that will work hard on your behalf whether you are buying or selling a house?

The first advantage of finding a good realtor is that they will provide you with a list of properties that are available at the location in which you’d like to buy. These agents can look for houses where you tell them, they can also give you advice on places that might be good as investments if you don’t happen to have a specific area where you want to move to.

Also, a good realtor would have at hand reliable information on the prices of the properties. This is usually better than the top MLS Vancouver listings because they are usually out of date by one or two days. Believe me, these two days out of date might make you loose a lot of money.

The process of buying a house, even under the best of circumstances is difficult. There are a lot of things that you have to consider, whether your buying or selling a house. If you are selling a house you have to have a realtor that would help you show your house which means that he or she has to be there when you are making the house ready. They will usually give you advice on how to present the house. They will also list your home on the top MLS Vancouver.

Also, experience has taught us that it is very difficult to have the buyer and the seller negotiate face to face. This is due to the highly emotional investment that this transaction has, since it almost always is the biggest transaction you’ve done in your lives. It is better to have a realtor as a go between. They always have a lot more experience on negotiations. So if you are selling a house get a good realtor that would work to design a good and advantageous contract, and if you are a buyer get a realtor that will fight for your interest.

So, how can you tell if a realtor is any good? The first thing to consider is: do you two fit together. If you get a realtor that will only offer you houses that are outside your budget, then that is not the correct fit. If your realtor doesn’t know the area where your house is located, he might be the wrong fit to sell your house. So, always make sure you are a good fit with your needs.

The first way I’ll recommend you find a realtor is by asking your friends and family for a referral. Most realtors have made their reputations on referrals alone. If you have a family member that is a realtor and you don’t want to use him or her, ask them to refer you to another one and get them to pay a referral fee.

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