Interstate Removals

Whichever country you reside in, moving from one state to another brings more problems than any move within the same state would bring and that is also true in the case of interstate removals in Australia, especially considering the distances involved in interstate moves. In order to avoid as many problems as possible with interstate removals, it is best to take time to ensure that you hire a reputable removal company to assist you in your move. A reliable interstate removal company can not only be relied on to turn up on time but may also assist you with planning, packing and loading of your belongings. Obviously though, even the best removal company is going to want to know how much you have to move before they can afford you an accurate quote and so making an inventory of everything you intend to be moved, will be your first step. As well as being able to provide you with an accurate quote, a reliable removal company should be able to advice you as to which items on the inventory will need packing but they should also be able to give you advice or assistance in packing those items. The next major concern you may have is how you can be at your old house to oversee the loading and yet still be at your new one to oversee the unloading of the truck. If you depend on your car getting you to the new home before the truck arrives, the slightest mechanical trouble could destroy all your plans and you are left with a hefty storage fee to pay. That really leaves perhaps two alternatives; you can send a family member on ahead to oversee the unloading for you or, you can opt to have your car and yourself transported to the new home. If the first option is possible it may be the best one but even the second one can have its own advantages. It will obviously cost you to have your car transported but you would have had to pay gas costs anyway and by not driving your car, you save the wear and tear on it. Either way though it is essential that you have somebody meet the removal truck at the specified time as otherwise the truck could leave your belongings in a nearby storage facility. Although the removal company will leave your belongings at the facility, it is you will have to pay for the storage prior to being allowed to remove them. Plus of course, you will have to hire another truck to take them from the facility to your home which will be yet another cost you will have to find. These are the reasons why before you send the truck on its way with your belongings, you ensure that the driver has your correct contact numbers and that you have theirs, as if it is just a delay of a couple of hours, they may be able to wait; for a small additional fee of course.