Building Solutions in Sydney

Some of Sydney, Australia’s building solutions along with other Australian cities are being helped to be solved by government regulation. The Australian government decided to legislate, country wide, the building of granny flats on residential land. This previously had been something that the individual states had been expected to legislate on and at that time the legislations varied greatly. Not only have the government now made rules pertaining to the building of granny flats but they are also encouraging it.

The granny flat builders Sydney solutions are now the same as they are for the rest of the country and include the allowing of granny flats to be built on residential land provided that certain criteria are adhered to. The criteria are that for a granny flat to be built on a residential lot are, the land must already have a primary dwelling on it. The land on which the granny flat is to be built cannot be less than 450 square metres. On completion, the granny flat cannot be bigger than the primary dwelling neither can it exceed 60 square metres in size but, if wanted, an additional 12 square metres can be used for a patio or veranda. The granny flat must be in the same name as the primary dwelling on that property and it must have been agreed to by the local authorities.

It is the local authorities therefore that still administer the building of the granny flats; it is just that they employ the government regulations in doing so. This means, before you can start building your granny flat, you must have permission from your local authority but, as the government are encouraging the building of them, the local authorities are giving clearance within 10 days of applications being presented. When requesting permission to build your granny flat, you must submit, along with the request, plans of the property and an architect’s drawing of the flat.

Advantages to being allowed to build a granny flat on your property are numerous, not least of all because as you are permitted to rent it out, you can enjoy an extra income. Another advantage is why they originally got their name and that is that they can provide a self-contained residence for a single pensioner if in time it is required. This is assured because all the granny flats, in order to receive permission to be built, must be self-contained, meaning that they have bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and separate living spaces. They must also have their own private entrance and a pathway which is exclusively for their use. One other advantage of having a granny flat on your property is security. The more people that live on a property, the more chance there is that someone will always be present on it which could deter potential burglars. Of course, you will no longer need to find a house sitter to watch your property if you wish to go away for a few days and who knows, perhaps one of your tenants could even baby sit when needed.